Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who is this Ophiucus guy anyways?

So I'm a big-time Zodiac fanatic but this big rush towards accepting this 'new' 13th Sun Sign is a bit shocking to me.  I had heard about signs beyond the typical 12 that we know so well, but I've never really fallen into the rave over them; mostly because I assume its a load of crock by a bunch of self-centered astrologers trying to be new age or whatever.  I can't say I'm too happy about having to re-remember all the dates corresponding to each of the signs, and don't get me started on the complete shift in personal Sun Signs.  They say that I fall under the Aquarian constellation. Oh my gawd, no.  Everyone knows Aquarius people are flaky humanistic philosophers, and I enjoy everything opposite of those activities.  I think if I knew nothing about Sun Signs and someone told me I was an Aquarius, explaining all the characteristic traits, I would laugh so hard in their face they would need a towel to wipe away my flying spittle and tears of disbelief.  Other scholars are saying that the new changes only apply to people born after 2003, they will be the ones learning the new system as they grow up. Yeah... So what does that make all of us old fogies? Obsolete and dysfunctional I suppose.  I think this whole new aspect of reading horoscopes is going to do a bit to help convert those of us who didn't feel quite right with their 'old' sign; they now have a new one to disagree with.  I'm not sure how to cope with this change. It's like the disasters in Haiti, I don't think I have the infrastructure to handle the quake.
What I found so far about Ophiucus is that he is based on a mythilogical (or historical; some people feel that he is based on Imhotep, the original engineer of the first great pyramid of Kufu).  Geek mythology places him as a demi-god of sorts responsible for all things related to medicine.  These are looking like bigger and bigger shoes to fill, I hope you're not under the sign of Ophiucus.  These Ophiuciuns are of course expected to have characteristics of being loyal workers with bright ideas and social dispositions.  Other than that, I'm having a hard time finding detailed personality traits; all I seem to find is the bullshit smeared all over today's silly horoscope websites.
Anyways, I've found something that I've become very interested in lately. Now, dieting isn't something you'll see me doing because I just don't like all those restrictions and stigmas that go along with them.  But here is something that I think would be great to get into: Hunter-Gatherer Diet.  Its a nutritional system based on what people have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years.  For the majority of time that anatomically modern humans have existed, they have lived as nomadic Hunter-Gatherer tribes and bands.  They survived that long eating a vast variety of foods and really only experienced dilapidating diseases when they decided to become stationary and domesticate animals.  I think it would be wonderfully refreshing to have my fridge full of lean meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  I like variety, and this might be what I'm looking for. I think I'm going to need this cookbook as a birthday gift (Pisces, March 1st).