Monday, October 29, 2012

Save us Aquaman!

Before you prematurely judge me, take a moment to keep your mind open.  I have an honest request for the filmmakers in Hollywood: Aquaman movie.  There is no better time than now to release an awesome action-packed super hero movie about a merman trying to save the world.  Think about it. Impending doom is upon the United States east coast.  Who better to save the people of New York and... Jersey... from the monstrosity known as Sandy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow in the cold

Its time to complain about the cold weather. And... Okay that's my two cents.
My biggest concern right now is that I have no computer of my own at the moment and I'm really stressing about not having one around me. Its one thing to procrastinate on homework... but it feels really wrong when you are forced to wait until the last minute to do the assignment because you don't have access to a word processor and printer until the hour before the deadline. I have to write these essays longhand and then ride my bike all the way to campus just to type and print them up.  I've been taking this time alone to ponder things like "why do all these TV channels suck ass?" and "why haven't I spent more time with these awesome couches in my living room?" and "Shin splints? No, this is metacarpal splints from writing with a real life pencil." I think my writer's callous is going to make a come back. I haven't seen that thing since 6th grade.  Of course a computer failure would happen at the moment in my life when I have $15 to my name, cabbage soup on the stove, and holes in my clothes.  I'm praying for a swift death, or a winning lotto stub in my street gutter.  I've been preparing for the worst, so if I do become homeless in the next few months I'm ready with tent, outdoor gear, cardboard signs, and canned beans ready to go at any moment. Who needs a computer when you're living under a freeway overpass, right?
I'm glad to be an American. I can honestly say, voting is fun.  Its like taking an exam, only you're choosing the answers... except that the bubbles you fill in don't always seem to make it out in the election.  So maybe its exactly like taking an exam, except you're ridiculed by others if your choice is the winner. But hey, its great being able to use your favorite black ink pen to mark the bubble next to some guy with an awesome last name and thinking to yourself "If I married a man like that, I too would have an awesome last name!"  But aside from the silly little myths I play out in my mind about the political candidates, I also take into consideration things like "am I supporting too many democrats... or republicans? What if this guy turns out to be a serial killer?!" Well the serial killer thing is fine I suppose, because I do support the death penalty; that would be putting my values to work in my own country.  I like to have balance in my ballot. Not too many women, not too many democrats. Not too many religious zealots, and not too many loose cannons.  None of the persons I can vote for are not going to get me out of my social injustices and poverty so I might as well have a good time filling in those stupid little bubbles!
A writer writes.  Being away from a digital screen has sparked my imagination in a way that brings back memories of grade school and spending countless hours creating stories about monsters and vampires and sultry love scenes.  This is how the mind of a child is formed while being immersed in Anne Rice culture from as early as 11 years old.  I don't doubt that it has lead to the very provocative and often vulgar way I operate now, but it has also created a sturdy base for intellectual prowess.  I like to think that my energetic youth as a bookworm has created me as the scholar I am today.  Books are bad ass and when I get out of this stupid restrictive lifestyle as a college student I am going to read some more books. I miss reading books the way I used to... Now I only have time to read the assignments of my professors, reading and grading freshman essays, and reading my own essays for proof.  I've lost the ability to sit down and let my eyes caress a raunchy pulp romance paperback and let my olfactory sense get high on the smell of ink and paper.  I'm frustrated, I'm stagnating, and I'm really antsy to get going with something of my choosing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy anniversary Karinamania!

 Congratulations, we've kept it going for three whole years now.  With  three years of experience I still don't know what I'm doing here. I have to admit it is nice to be able to have this one amorphous blog to stick to. My other blogs are certainly more topic focused, and that's useful for things like getting web hits, friendly shares, and money; but Karinamania really has something personal to it.  It has allowed me to keep all of my long-distance friends to stay in touch with what I'm up to these days and it also offers a perfect platform for venting and sharing my opinions that often need more than three lines of text in a Facebook status.  This blog has been the all-telling story of a struggling college student in the Pacific Northwest and a budding archaeologist to boot.  I'm sure you can tell though, that this blog does not focus on my academics, for that you will have to read something like this (Culture Environments).  I'm so close to finishing my second serving of college and jump into a more real world.  So lets keep this together and move into the next round together.

In other news: this has been an awful week.  I don't want to gripe too much but I'm really feeling the withdrawals.  My good ol' laptop has finally limped to an end.  Using these school computers is not the best relief to my hunger for technology.  I mean, looking at porn is a whole new experience while using a computer in the school library; your adrenaline rushes every time you have to look over your shoulder for other looky-loos.  Haha I'm just kidding.  Now I have to work on getting a new computer. I'm thinking since I'm going to be out of school for a little while, a desktop PC might be what I need instead of the portable laptop. How I'm going to pay for that is going to be a sad story for the next several years. Its going to be stacked in with all these school loans I'm going to have to pay back. And don't get me started on how much I hate the financial aid office here on campus, my fellow schoolmates I'm sure can agree the heart of ultimate evil in this world resides in the financial aid offices around the country. Good news here is that I may not have to worry about dealing with a financial aid office for a while! Woot!
I'm currently preparing myself to enter the work world. I'm going to be primping my resumé and working on acquiring the needed certifications such as CPR, first aid, AED, and food handling.  I should also consider how to get my driver's licensing completed. My father has told me that soon he is going to be getting rid of his 1987 VW Jetta, and I have asked for it.  There seems like so much to do and time is fast approaching.
I'm probably going to have to set up a way to move to the Seattle area and crash for a couple weeks while I slave away finding work.  All of this scary-unknown future stuff makes graduation really terrifying.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My muse

Clio muse of HistoryI've been excited to start working in a museum setting, and now that has come to fruition.  I've pretty much completed the required credits for my B.S. degree in Anthropology and now I have the ability to work on my minor degree in Museum Studies.  I've had my field experience with archaeology, now I'm taking a go at working with museum collections and exhibits.  I have joined in a group exhibit project that will be opening soon.  It's going to be a display of archaeological finds here on the CWU campus.  Most of the artifacts are very small and seemingly insignificant at first, however the context from which they have been recovered is really neat.
What I'm really learning from this project is a personal enjoyment for the curation and management of museums. I'm really glad that I have come to find this career path because its a perfect fit for me.  Keeping things managed, organized, and shared with the public is definitely somethings I can do on a daily basis.  Now I will be tested soon on how to really make an exhibit work for the audience.  We'll see how well I do at that, otherwise I'll just have to sit back and stick to the behind-the-scenes object management and curation.  Maybe when I'm a well-seasoned museum professional I can take part in those fancy schmoozey wine & cheese museum events; now that would make my life complete.
I'm thinking about the possibility of taking a year or two off from school. I'm really starting to feel burnt out; even though I love school and I love anthropology... maybe I just want to sit still for a couple years and do something stupid like work as a waitress or delivering newspapers.  Since I've been in school I've known that there was a mental plateau that I would eventually come onto. My professors always told me this was impossible and I just needed to study harder in order to understand those concepts that are beyond me. Well they are obviously beyond my level of mental capabilities, so they wouldn't really understand.  I am no genius and I know that for a fact.  I'm not going to give up on my BS degree or my Museum minor degree; but the afterwards... maybe I want to be a real person for a little while.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothing but skin

I found this little never-before-published golden nugget of mine, written on May 8, 2011. I'd like to share.

"Nothing but skin" 
All creatures at some point feel the undeniable need for procreation. The pure desire is primitive and nearly unavoidable. Humans are one of the few creatures known for their sexual greed. We lust for another but lack the basic principal driving the body’s craving for procreation. We desire to become intimate with another for the sole purpose of pure pleasure. What exactly is this feeling of pure pleasure that we pursue so convictedly? All I can describe of this pure pleasure is the moment in time when another is the cause of a single full body seizure when time stops and I can experience a paradise of physical, emotional, and spiritual peace. It is only the complete destruction of my mind, body, and soul and it’s entire reformation all at once. There are not enough words to describe this moment of climax. Everyone desires to experience this feeling, which isn’t simply just a feeling, but actually an act of being. Everyone wants to experience this while sharing their personal space with a loved one. A true and essentially complete orgasm can only be experienced while symbiotically existing on a person level of space and time created by being intimately related with another person. The state of mind is essential to the climax of the body as well as the spiritual connection of the soul. Sexual partners must feel an absolute connection mentally, physically, and spiritually. Out aura becomes a single mass; this demonstrates peace. We must be entwined with each other to become as close as possible. Just the simple feel of skin can be overwhelmingly sensual, not to mention the smell or taste of it. The orgasm is the five senses gone mad. A feeling of freedom, a feeling most women scream at in pleasure. And who wouldn’t scream for such an experience? Not even the idiots can deny the craving for sex. A force stronger than Love itself? Maybe so. Love is only a stepping-stone in this day and age. Love is overrated. Girls grow up thinking Prince Charming is real. The only thing that is real is the fear of reality itself, which eventually drives women to rationally of irrationally seek pure pleasure; sexual interactions which mesh together reality and fantasy. To seek something specific in an orgasm is a false hope, and will spoil the inevitability of succumbing to the freedom of climax. The search for late-night fantasy ends here. The road to sexual freedom and the complete release of spiritual and mental waste such as stress, tension, and illness is now set before you.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Its one thing to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but its another thing entirely to wake up completely pissed off about someone else from the day before. I don't like how someone can control me like that.  At first it was a moment of feeling bossed around, then it felt like dictated censorship, then it just felt like a blatant attack on my personal rights and space.  Now that I've stewed on the occurrence, it has only gotten more difficult to keep a lid on.  I want to be able to say that she should have been able to come to me privately and discuss the issue only between us, but I know better. I know I would have gotten just as upset with her had she done that or how she had gone straight to a third party for mediation.  I suppose she had to do what she did for her own protection. I mean, I'm sure she wanted to save face (literally and figuratively).
On a very related topic, how do you feel about breasts? Really, are they offensive to you? Some people seem to think that an uncovered breast is pornography. Others may see them as beautiful symbols of ultimate femaleness.  I can't be silent on this one. Boobs are fantastic. I've known breasts all my life--from the day I was born, actually--and they are here with me until the day I die.  My children will be comfortable with breasts, my grandchildren will be comfortable with breasts, will you?  My morals tell me that a breast ought to be cared for, enjoyed, and shared.  I support public breast feeding. I support breasts in art. I support breast cancer awareness.  If you don't know anything about breasts, I suggest you take an anatomy class--then go take an art class--then take a gender studies class--then go to a strip club.  Respect them, don't reject them.
My breasts are a part of me but I don't hog them all to myself.  I like to wear a low cut shirt here and there.  For fucks sake I would walk around topless if there weren't so many goddamn laws against my boobies.  Legalize them!
Devil's advocate here: now how would you spread awareness of breast freedom when there are children around?  First I'm going to ask why you think its okay to hide [God's creation] the breast, from children in the first place.  Making something "off limits" is what starts this cycle of hostility towards the unknown. The more you know, the more you grow.  Start with the basics; children, these are breasts and they produce milk for babies. Then go to the next level; when adult men seek female mates they may choose a female with larger breasts because that shows that she has an ideal capacity for carrying and nursing babies. And beyond that? Children, sometimes breasts are important erogenous zones during lovemaking, it is your choice whether or not to give attention to them during intercourse with your partner.  Children are smarter than you know.
I certainly don't want anyone soap-boxing their dogmas onto my breasts. Get that misogynistic religious shit out of here.  The moment you realize that your religion has imposed those feelings of "uncomfortableness" and "inappropriateness" onto you and you break free from those juvenile and close-minded bonds; then you may come to me. I may forgive you then. But until then, stay away you hypocritical harlot. I know you've sucked more dicks than I have... and that's saying something, amirite?