Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothing but skin

I found this little never-before-published golden nugget of mine, written on May 8, 2011. I'd like to share.

"Nothing but skin" 
All creatures at some point feel the undeniable need for procreation. The pure desire is primitive and nearly unavoidable. Humans are one of the few creatures known for their sexual greed. We lust for another but lack the basic principal driving the body’s craving for procreation. We desire to become intimate with another for the sole purpose of pure pleasure. What exactly is this feeling of pure pleasure that we pursue so convictedly? All I can describe of this pure pleasure is the moment in time when another is the cause of a single full body seizure when time stops and I can experience a paradise of physical, emotional, and spiritual peace. It is only the complete destruction of my mind, body, and soul and it’s entire reformation all at once. There are not enough words to describe this moment of climax. Everyone desires to experience this feeling, which isn’t simply just a feeling, but actually an act of being. Everyone wants to experience this while sharing their personal space with a loved one. A true and essentially complete orgasm can only be experienced while symbiotically existing on a person level of space and time created by being intimately related with another person. The state of mind is essential to the climax of the body as well as the spiritual connection of the soul. Sexual partners must feel an absolute connection mentally, physically, and spiritually. Out aura becomes a single mass; this demonstrates peace. We must be entwined with each other to become as close as possible. Just the simple feel of skin can be overwhelmingly sensual, not to mention the smell or taste of it. The orgasm is the five senses gone mad. A feeling of freedom, a feeling most women scream at in pleasure. And who wouldn’t scream for such an experience? Not even the idiots can deny the craving for sex. A force stronger than Love itself? Maybe so. Love is only a stepping-stone in this day and age. Love is overrated. Girls grow up thinking Prince Charming is real. The only thing that is real is the fear of reality itself, which eventually drives women to rationally of irrationally seek pure pleasure; sexual interactions which mesh together reality and fantasy. To seek something specific in an orgasm is a false hope, and will spoil the inevitability of succumbing to the freedom of climax. The search for late-night fantasy ends here. The road to sexual freedom and the complete release of spiritual and mental waste such as stress, tension, and illness is now set before you.