Friday, March 19, 2010

When you got a good thing

Welcome to my Spring Break, and happy first day of Spring tomorrow! It's warm here, and that's shocking.  I sat for 15 minutes out in my backyard with my pup and the sun on my face felt great. It is starting to give those faint smells of Summer in Washington, that smell that I love so much.  You know how different places give off special smells right before it rains, or right after a thunder storm? Well in Seattle it smells great whenever the sun is out.  Its funny when the sun is out because people go mad; they mow lawns and walk dogs and kids run through the streets like crazy little urchins.  On a normal gray day I'm lucky if I get a glimpse of a neighbor's face.
The past couple days have been energized with creativity.  I finished about 3 of my pencil pieces that I had started a while back. It really does feel great to finish something and it is especially good when the finished product looks absolutely great! I have decided to try to keep drawing as much as possible during break, I never get a chance while I'm slaving over school assignments.
Please see my deviant page here.
Well here I am, starting my last quarter before I get my AA degree.  The excitement for moving on to bigger places this fall is rocketing through my veins. I could use some help from someone to walk on my back to get all these stress kinks out.
I think I'm going to try to get a job for the summer, but I'm not going to kill myself just for a position. I'd like to be selective about where I work; something close, easy, and not too degrading. The only thing that matters about the pay is that its something. Maybe I could do some babysitting around the neighborhood or bagging groceries at the market down the street. Let me know if you want me to watch your kids!
I saw a sneak peak preview of the Disney Princess Repunzel movie coming out this Fall, exciting! I miss being a little kid and being able to watch princess movies all the time, but I suppose no one would mind too much if I stick with the habit even as an adult.