Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wish the weather looked better

For all general purposes I am a really good student.  I pay attention in class (snore...), I read my text books (wait, I bought text books?), I do my homework (wasn't that due next Thursday?), and I show up to class (forgetting to wake up is a perfectly decent absence excuse).  I'm just joking really, I am a good student... well, I was. The past three weeks have been a terrible blemish on my 3.75GPA record of achievement.  I haven't done my Spanish homework in a whole week, I've skipped two classes to take the time to take tests, and right now I have no idea what's on my Geology test tomorrow because I think I've been taking a mental hiatus during those hours. I feel... normal.  Of course, this is completely abnormal for myself, and it's very gray and uninteresting.  I'm coming down with a horrible case of senioritis, except I'm not a senior.  I mean, I'm graduating in a couple weeks so I suppose that would be about the same thing.  I just want for everything to be over with.  It feels like I've been drowning for the past 6 weeks and now my lungs have finally given up even trying.  I've been waking up later and later, eating more, and generally caring less. I need a week where I can just go free and let my mind wander. I'm tired of doing homework and schoolwork and just any work in general.
My job sucks. I mean, I think its a great job; its not a great job for me. I don't like working with grumpy customers, cooking disgusting food, and cleaning filth. The pay, I've noticed, is lame. It's all going straight into my savings account and thats fine, whatever. I wish I felt a bit more important or useful. As of right now, I am a peon. How sad...
Looking at prospective classes to take in the fall... How does cultural anthropology, linguistics, and intro to archaeology sound? I think it sounds like a dream.  Its going to feel strange to be able to take whatever classes I want. So far I've had to follow these cookie cutter shape general requirements.  I feel like I'm getting closer everyday to my PhD. I'm so excited.
Maybe one day when I have a stable household of my own I would like for my sister to come stay with me.  I feel like I owe her some stability.  Making a solid home base for myself is a top priority right now, and assuming I achieve this, I would like if my sister would join me.  I can't say that I'm ready for this right now, or when I'll be ready for it, but it would be nice to look forward to.