Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Call me Atlas

So life's been almost too much to handle for the past few months. Luckily I know when to take a day to myself.  It's hard to remember all the things I need to catch up on.  Okay so, I moved, started school, met a guy, and made a new friend. Its hard for myself to even imagine that so much could happen in so little time.
School's great. Well, sort of... I think we can all agree that I've set myself up for a titan curricular goal (going for a Ph.D. in Anthropology).  You may or may not be aware that I've been accepted into the Honors Program at CWU.  This program requires me to take an additional 5 courses and add an innumerable amount of hours to prepare a high quality research project and thesis.  This may add on an additional quarter (or two) to my initial plan of finishing my Bachelors in two years. To tell you the truth, I have no idea where to start with this project.  A grant proposal is due in Feb. 2011 for my Summer research... argh!  This honors business has now set me up with a total of 4 different advisors and I need to figure out how to let a few of them go so that I can consolidate. I'm hoping to ditch my Anthropology advisor at the very least... he gives me the creeps.
Also, I'd like to update everyone that I have officially signed up for the B.S. (Bachelors of Science) in Anthropology, mainly because it was a heck of a lot more structured and I can definitely deal with that.  The B.S. requires several more credits and a statistics course, but all in all I think it was the right choice.  As for choosing a specific field in anthropology, that decision will have to wait a bit longer. I'm taking a few courses currently that kind of cover a range of topics.  This is good because its giving me the knowledge base required to choose a specification.  But I love it all can't I just do EVERYTHING?! Well, maybe not the primate studies, psychological anthropology, zooarchaeology, or ethics of anthropology. I just need to find my niche I suppose...
This new friend is great.  I was hoping to set up a new social group here, at least so that I don't go crazy or get completely depressed.  While standing in line at a Shopping Spree Sale before classes started I met a gal who is also studying anthropology and is new to the area. Its great to meet someone new and be able to reconnect with them regularly on campus.  I have also been a regular participant at the Anthropology Student Association club meetings which I'm hoping will start developing a solid network.
As for this guy I mentioned before, we've gone on a few dates and I'm loving it.  Only thing, I think I'm losing his interest. I admit I've been a bit slow on the git-go with my womanly wiles.  I get so many butterflies in my tummy that they start migrating into my head and I basically turn in to a zombie when I'm with him.  He's such a sweetheart, attractive, and stable.  Anyone got a cure for butterflies?  I need this.