Monday, November 9, 2009

Ethically egotistic much?

Individual existence, subjectivity, individual freedom, and choice.

What does this make you think of?
When are we all going to realize that we need not care about why life is, but what we do with it? I want you to think real hard about your own individualism. What makes you an individual? Maybe your quest for moral perfection is just leading you to be just like past moral role models. And who says these instances are for moral growth? I think you do.

I believe that in order to life a full life then we must not restrain ourselves by flimsy rules set by society's standards, we should act on our own convictions and random whims to make our lives true. True to ourselves. No one can tell us what is wrong or right for us. They can use words to explain what is wrong or right in society, but they have no say in what we do with our bodies, our minds, our souls, our love, our hate, or anything else that is of our being.

"God is dead." who said that? I know, do you? Neitzsche told us that we only refer to our universe as an orderly place because it is the easiest way to explain everything. No rules exist, not really. Physics? no. gravity? no. time? hell no! We create these variables only to mask our own ignorace of the metaphysical which is hidden from our minds in the shadow of science and god. An orderly universe is fiction that has been accepted by the masses.

We create our nature of self just as plants and animals do. We have no purpose other than to live so we can die. Whether you decide to make something of your life is a choice left only to you. So choose something to do with your life. Follow it with conviction! No doubt it is a tough responsibility to stay persistant with your meaning of life, but nontheless, do it.

The human self, wich combines mind and body, is itself a paradox and a contradiction. Two totally separate entities are combined to make... you. Yet how can mind and body link, one being of physical and the other something quite the opposite? They do, or rather, they can. It is a massive task to link together your mind with your body so go get some rest!

So another question is: Can I connect with the metaphysical just like my body connects with my mind?

Life is pointless without conviction. There is no higher power, only me (or you). I say what goes and what doesn't in my life. We are born, we live, we die. Yes folks, we are all going to die. Some of us are going to die young, some will live to be very old; eventually we will die. If we were to think about death a little closer we would notice that life is essentially pointless. So you might as well make the best of it while you can. I believe in a realm beyond death, but it is something entirely different from life beyond death. There will be no heaven or hell, no god or devine spirit, there will be no rewards or punishments; afterall, you have decided what is right and what is wrong for you anyways, how could there possibly be a hell? Unless you regret something you've done... but why would someone be stupid enough to do that?!
Please see Utilitarianism and Ethical Egoism.