Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wrapped like an Egyptian

You've most likely heard my story already, but in case you haven't... I enjoy retelling the ongoing experience.  Just this past Wednesday I was involved in a bicycle collision. A head-on collision with another bicyclist to be exact.  As far as I know the guy is okay but I'm left with 2 fractures on 4th metacarpal, a broken 3rd metacarpal, a fat lip, and a totaled bike.  With the above picture I'm sure you're enjoying the sightly bandage contraption and colorful swollen purple thumb.  I assure you, under the wrap is a very swollen and purple 'hand.'  This upcoming week I am going to enjoy the experience of correctional surgery to properly set my broken bone with two metal pins while trying to muddle through final exams all at the same time. Wish me luck! I suppose I should also try to recover and rehabilitate before my summer field school starts, but I'm unsure about that.
I'm thinking I need a new tattoo now that I'm all hard-core and extreme. This is like a near-death experience!  Anyhow, feel free to send Get Well flowers to me, especially on Wednesday when I get my surgery; or a card. A handmade card. I'd like that.
It has surely proved to be a very interesting end of the year for me.  I might be a little worried about what next year has in store for me though.  Hah! That reminds me, I'm only a year away from graduating with my Bachelors. It feels wonderful to be so close to an achievement like that. Life after the BS degree is a little scary for me; I feel like I'm getting so deep into this education I wonder if I'll make it out alive (at the rate I'm going currently my life expectancy is equivalent to an X Games champion).