Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not technically savvy

I can fix what was wrong with my old clothes dryer but I can't seem to figure out why my father's facebook account has locked him (and me) out. I set that account up so that my simple minded father could in no way screw anything up. Back up emails, cell numbers, secret questions... I had all of the information I needed to keep  his account afloat. But apparently FB feels that the identity of the account holder is in jeopardy and the account cannot be accessed by me, the obviously notorious and nefarious character intent on stealing his... wait--there's really no information, this profile is basically a name attached to a never-ending list of 30 friends.  FB, why don't you go spend your energy on protecting people who actually need it, like, little girls who befriend sex offenders and pedobears.  Actually maybe that's why the account was locked... dad? you know you're not supposed to accept friend requests from little girls whose top interest is Dateline NBC.
Anyways, I feel like the internet needs to stop being such a tight-ass. I thought memorizing passwords and secret questions was hard enough, now I have to deal with backup pin numbers and captchas at every turn. Soon no doubt they are going to require blood samples, background checks, and credit scores to let me into my social network.
Speaking of body fluid samples, I'm excited to go tomorrow for my EADFET to make my new position with the Yakima Nation Forestry Archaeology Program. Okay, I admit it, there's really no actual paycheck. Its officially volunteer work, but when I write up that resume this Fall and you see ' YNFAP Internship' you know I'm worth at least $14/hr after that.  Actually I'm just full of myself. I'll really only be getting about $10/hr for the TA position in September, but if I can squeeze every penny out of those suckers and do some work at the lab where $13/hr is noob pay, I think I can plump up the starving savings account.
I've got my stats class coming up this Fall, anyone willing to help a girl out? I'm a little scared about this.  I don't think I've used the left side of my brain since high school. I've got cobwebs growing up there.
Also, don't let me forget I need to start working on my application for grad school.  I'm always slow to get going on this sort of thing. Figures, I'm awesome at everything else on this planet, why would I be awesome at making proper deadlines?
Y'all are welcome to come see me dance.
Ellensburg is really growing on me and I can honestly say that I'll be a bit sad when I have to leave next year. I got this house that's more than comfy and I really like how things are going on and off campus. I don't know how I feel about living in a small town where everything is dictated by the church-going farmers and small business owners. It would be tough getting my strip club up and going. I heard a rumor that a Go-Go Bar is about to spring up and any ladies looking for work as dancers should do some searching, I know I am.