Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good show, gents

Eating ice cream, listening to love songs, and writing my blog; could my night get any better? Well yes, but that's not the point.  I want to mention that I had a pretty good time at a bad-ass double birthday party last night. Of course the party guests were all getting a bit booze crazy later in the evening but that's not entirely a bad thing.  You can learn a lot about a person by the way that they act when they are drunk.  As weird as it may sound, I connected with a few of my closest friends on a really deep level thanks to alcohol. I mean, I take the drunk things they say with a grain of salt, but if you read between the lines you can see what they are truly saying to you.
I want to take a little time to give a shout out to my sweetheart of a boyfriend, who even in the throws of a drunken tantrum, he can still take a moment to give me a kiss and tell me how much he cares about me.  I think that is really cool and I think that shows how much I mean to him on a deep level.  I'm always on edge when it comes to saying the right thing at the right time.  I just want to make sure I don't throw "Love" out there at an inappropriate moment, or even worse, when the feeling is not reciprocated.  Moments like that can be either very bonding or very awkward. I try to avoid the awkwardness.  Thankfully, my boyfriend was able to crash through the awkward barrier for us both.  Now if you're a person who knows us both, you may be thinking of a question along the lines of "Now these two started dating a little under a month ago... is it normal to be talking about 'love'?" My answer to you is simple, there are things here that are a long-time brewing over the past several months if not longer. Don't worry, I'm not too crazy here.  I have an appreciation for letting our feelings marinate before serving them for dinner, if you know what I mean. I certainly do not have any history in matters of deep infatuation, so I am being very cautious currently.