Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June bugging

Summer is going to be a very interesting time.  Hopefully I can get my shit together in the next week.  I'm currently finishing up the quarter with final essays, I've gotta pay some bills, and I still haven't found a replacement roommate.  Not that I've got anything against females--okay, yeah, I do have a prejudice against females; but I really don't want to room with one. Unfortunately it seems like no one else wants female roommates either because they are all out there hungering for flesh and a place to live. I've only had one guy call me about the room and he immediately detracted his interest when he heard I was a chick (his loss).  I figure every time someone calls me and says "yeah i'm interested in the place" it actually means that they think I'm a stuck up bitch like the rest of my female cohorts and they'd rather eat class than live with me.  Ugh... all you cunts ruin it for the rest of us.  Okay, I got that rant out; I'm  done.
So its becoming harder and harder to initiate anything and everything at school.  I wish there was an energy drink for educational morale.  I want to do an extra curricular project on campus, I want to get my Museum Minor ducks in a row, and I want to start getting better grades.  However, things are so sluggish in my head that I'm having a hard time keeping my attention focused on the task at hand. I keep trying to deviate from my work with all the distractions.  I remember last year when being focused on a task was no problem because I was in love with the new topics and concepts.  I'm starting to feel the repetition within my department.  I can't remember what class is what these days because they all feel like the same damn thing for hours and hours everyday.  I'm afraid that this is going to become a bigger issue in my life.  What happens when I get settled into my career dream job (whatever that is at this point) and I get fed up with the repetition and the same thing year in and year out? If I could just win the lottery and stay in school for the rest of my life and get a new degree every few years or so, ah that would be great.  I just want to learn everything.
By the way, I'm super excited that I have an exam mini essay to write about these lovelies.  Compound eyes are primitive sight sensory tools that no other member of the same family, Nicoletiidae, have evolved to.  They much on starches such as paper, adhesive, cloth, hair, and dandruff. Nom nom nom, the silverfish are coming to eat all of your stuff! Museums beware...