Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That which comes next

So what happens when one loses sight of what they thought they were pursuing?  Well I thought studying to be an archaeologist and getting familiar with the museum management process would be nice and easy.  Funny thing, it was.  But now I'm utterly confused with what I'm going to do after my degree.  I'm not doing very well at supporting myself at this point and now I'm treading water in this sink hole called my life.  So I've come up with a comforting process of reviewing all of my past aspirations such as being a teacher, CGI artist, entomologist, ballerina, police officer, and even the military.  I agree that is a very colorful list.
I've been lingering on the thought of the military though.  That's one thing I very nearly went through with after high school.  I never did it because I wasn't really healthy enough and I didn't feel comfortable signing my life away without being able to make real adult decisions.  But now... I feel differently.  The structured lifestyle is seeming to be much more appealing.  I've never wanted a typical 9 to 5 job, but I would like to have a career that is very regularized and predictable.  Archaeology, although very non-9to5ish, is not always predictable, and is sometimes very unproductive.  I like to assume the military has figured out how to be somewhat productive.
So now I have to ponder "can I do it?" and the easy answer to that is yes.  There will be physical challenges that I never dreamed of. Luckily the mental challenges don't scare me.
Treadmill here I come...