Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm sorry I smell like frosting

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee, Renton, WA
So I think I can officially qualify myself and admit that I am a true-cut cupcake addict.  What is it that takes over my mind when I see a cupcake shop? I could be starving or I could be violently ill, nothing stops me from entering a cupcake shop when I see one.  I'm a cupcake consuming juggernaut.  I've decided that I will accept nothing less than a tower of cupcakes for my birthday 'cakes' in the future. Any other reason I need for a cake, only cupcakes will be acceptable.

Frosted, Walla Walla, WA
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not going to be wearing cupcake earrings or cupcake print socks or a bra that makes my tatas look like frosted cupcakes... well, I'd consider the latter. But what I'm trying to say, there is a very thick and obvious line between enjoying these tasty morsels and being obsessed with the cute little mini-cakes they represent.  I will devour a cupcake in an instant before I or anyone else will have enough time to admire the cuteness of the object.  As I consume this bite of cake, I will admire the creativity and effort that has gone into the respectable appearance of it. It is a work of culinary art and really gets me excited about the flare and inspiration that has a major role in its recipe.
I submitted to a cupcake today. It really was a complete release and reliquishment of all of my power. This is not the first, nor last time this has happened or will happen.  Dammit I just love cupcakes and I will do anything it takes to get more!