Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coldness and such wintery things

Fr-fr-fr-freezing balls!  Its so cold all I can do is barely move to get up for some hot tea.  Ah, tea sweet tea, how I do love thee... I'm enjoying myself on my winter break from school.  So far I've done... nothing. I'm loving it. I figure soon enough here I will get myself moving, but for now I am enjoying my quiet R&R time.  Started reading a couple books, The Picture of Dorian Gray and rereading The Vampire Lestat.  I'm spending an unmentionable ammount of time playing Sims, I'm a bad person, I know.

I'm thinking about all the stuff I need to get working on for college next fall.  I'm a bit anxious about it all but I know it will be really nice when the time comes when I get to start that new leg of my college experience.  It will be interesting having my pets there with me in a tiny appartment.  I'm sure BB won't like being stuck inside all day without her usual big yard to run around in.  I just have to walk her a lot.  Everything is going to be at such a faster pace, I really hope I can keep up.

Haha, I'm having fun putting all these pictures here... Stay warm this holiday season everyone!
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