Wednesday, December 23, 2009

People say mean things

I just had a pretty lousy day yesterday.  I drop a message for an old friend/ex saying hello and wondering why I was suddenly removed from his list of friends on his online profiles.  So the message got intercepted by his current girlfriend who for some reason felt like my message was some sort of secret code for "I want to have sex with you" and she went totally berserk. Thats where I got confused and I still haven't recovered. So I wanted to call him up and ask whats up with the psycho hosebeast (of course I would never use that actual language because I had a smidgen of doubt and figured she probably thought I was someone else.) But I bet you can't guess who answered his phone! Nevermind, I'd lose that bet. Yep its her and she's still so pissed she won't listen to a word I say. So I call up some old buddies asking around if he's got a new number, sure enough he does. At that point she was still calling and texting me calling me horrible names. Heh, I'm still confused! I really want to know why I'm being attacked. What have I done to her to deserve this? I sent a text to his new number with a question I know only he can answer so that I know for sure that its really him. I get a text back avoiding the answer so I say "Umm no. Thats the wrong answer sorry." and I stop replying texts and I don't answer the calls from this number either. Eventually I get a voicemail, and voicemails are pretty safe for me I suppose because I'm not required to reply. Well, its him. He says "Stop bothering me and my family. If you keep calling here I will change my number." end of message. Wow... I don't think I called him once. I sent a message (don't even know if he read it) and a text asking if the new number was really him. You can't possibly imagine the confusion I'm swimming in right now. I'm on the major defensive and I get treated like an offender!
I figure the couple must be truly agitated about something unbeknown to me and I just happened to drop my hello at the wrong moment. My deep psychic connection (a bit 'o sarcasm there) with people tells me that she suspects him of cheating and jumped to the conclusion that it must have been me (even though I live 1,600 miles away from him). He couldn't have responded to me more kindly in that voicemail that day because she was probably looking over his shoulder.
It's okay though I suppose. From what she kept screaming at me her words were telling me "we're happy together and we have a kid now!" but what I was really hearing every time she spoke "I can't allow him to stray because its impossible for me to support myself." I think she was legitimately scared that I would ruin her family. I only wish she could have heard me when I said "I have absolutely no desire to continue a romantic relationship with him. Our friendship over the past two years has been 100% platonic."
Haha, I admit I probably used too many big words in my message and she wouldn't know and therefore became more afraid.
She threatened to have some "family" come and jump me. I was telling my gal pal Gwen that I think I would solidly respect this girl if she orchestrated that feat. I have to make sure to keep my video camera handy just in case some thugs show up at my door because I would love to put my epic beat down on the internet. It would be sad however, that by causing harm to me they would ultimately be committing suicide. My father, who is a bounty hunter in Nevada, would not tolerate physical abuse towards his one and only little girl.
But by and by, I don't wish harm on any of these people. I do however, wish that they could give me some answers. I just don't understand why I was chosen for (what seems like a random) verbal attack.