Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final exams do bad things to my brain

Ugh, so final exams are upon us!  My brain has been pounded so hard with Spanish vocab, first aid techniques, sign language signs, and forcing myself to keep moving in PE to stay warm.  A lovely November it is; crisp, fresh, and fucking freezing!  My angora and wool mittens are doing all they can to keep my sweet little flanges warm.  Ah, you can probably tell I'm feeling a bit connected with the earth today. I've been trying to keep my sane mind by taking intermittent breaks from studying to draw a bit of this and a bit of that.  I've got at least one sweet drawing done this week that really blows my socks off.
I think I'm ready to start listening to the local Christmas Music radio station.  I think that I look forward to getting Thanksgiving done with just so that I can listen to Christmas music... I admit that I secretly love to sing along with all the merry tunes.  It makes me wonder about religions, that Christmas music just makes me wonder...  I mean, I really don't think Christianity is for me but gosh darn it I really like their holiday music.  Some of the Psalms are really pretty and full of love and it just fills my heart with joy to listen to it all.  I have a hard time understanding why non-Christians would be so angry towards all the holiday displays.  People gathering together to be closer with one another and show thanks for each other and to just be merry seems like one of the most innocent things people of certain faiths can do.  Some rabbi got pissy a few years back because the Sea/Tac Airport had tons of Christmas decorations but no Hannukah ones.  Buddy, don't get pissy, just ask for some.  Someone probably asked for the Christmas decor, and now you too have to ask for your own decor.  I'm sorry you have to work harder to be a part of the community, but we all go through that at some point.  Some more fun holiday music to listen to are the dirges of the middle east.  I also love hybrid music of folk/dirge its so strange and so beautiful.  Check out the song "The Gates of Istanbul" at and you'll know what I mean.
My one holiday wish is for everyone that reads this to write to Santa this year, if you don't send him a letter I hear that he accepts emails at