Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where to draw the line

I think most gals my age can agree that we would all like to have a serious relationship with a man thats got a few extra years of life experience and maturity. An older guy should have the seasoned personality with responsibility and solidarity a lady needs. We all know that guys of equal or lesser age are pretty much guaranteed to be immature and loose cannons.
Well how come it seems to be the case when I speak with an older man I'm shocked when my expectations are completely shot down? They complain when I don't put out. I don't get that problem from my male peers, at least they know they aren't going to get any.  But these guys, geesh, if I don't show them a new body part every five minutes, they are unsatisfied and leave me in the dust.
At first I thought, well maybe it's their biological clock that has them going 100 miles an hour, but that doesn't explain why I have to be a whore for them.  I can be a bit of a tart from time to time, but its not a 24/7 hobby.  Everyday is not a sexy day; especially not in the mid- to late afternoon. I can be flirtatious in the evening and a bit  cuddly in the morning, but when you buzz me online attempting to provoke some sort of cyber courtship during your lunch break, that is way out of bounds.  A gal like me deserves a lot more class than that.
Not to mention asking me to turn up the heat only makes them look like dirty old creepers.  I suppose I just need to find a way to connect with these gentlemen because its obvious I don't know how. Or I just need to find the right one...