Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My muse

Clio muse of HistoryI've been excited to start working in a museum setting, and now that has come to fruition.  I've pretty much completed the required credits for my B.S. degree in Anthropology and now I have the ability to work on my minor degree in Museum Studies.  I've had my field experience with archaeology, now I'm taking a go at working with museum collections and exhibits.  I have joined in a group exhibit project that will be opening soon.  It's going to be a display of archaeological finds here on the CWU campus.  Most of the artifacts are very small and seemingly insignificant at first, however the context from which they have been recovered is really neat.
What I'm really learning from this project is a personal enjoyment for the curation and management of museums. I'm really glad that I have come to find this career path because its a perfect fit for me.  Keeping things managed, organized, and shared with the public is definitely somethings I can do on a daily basis.  Now I will be tested soon on how to really make an exhibit work for the audience.  We'll see how well I do at that, otherwise I'll just have to sit back and stick to the behind-the-scenes object management and curation.  Maybe when I'm a well-seasoned museum professional I can take part in those fancy schmoozey wine & cheese museum events; now that would make my life complete.
I'm thinking about the possibility of taking a year or two off from school. I'm really starting to feel burnt out; even though I love school and I love anthropology... maybe I just want to sit still for a couple years and do something stupid like work as a waitress or delivering newspapers.  Since I've been in school I've known that there was a mental plateau that I would eventually come onto. My professors always told me this was impossible and I just needed to study harder in order to understand those concepts that are beyond me. Well they are obviously beyond my level of mental capabilities, so they wouldn't really understand.  I am no genius and I know that for a fact.  I'm not going to give up on my BS degree or my Museum minor degree; but the afterwards... maybe I want to be a real person for a little while.