Monday, October 1, 2012


Its one thing to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but its another thing entirely to wake up completely pissed off about someone else from the day before. I don't like how someone can control me like that.  At first it was a moment of feeling bossed around, then it felt like dictated censorship, then it just felt like a blatant attack on my personal rights and space.  Now that I've stewed on the occurrence, it has only gotten more difficult to keep a lid on.  I want to be able to say that she should have been able to come to me privately and discuss the issue only between us, but I know better. I know I would have gotten just as upset with her had she done that or how she had gone straight to a third party for mediation.  I suppose she had to do what she did for her own protection. I mean, I'm sure she wanted to save face (literally and figuratively).
On a very related topic, how do you feel about breasts? Really, are they offensive to you? Some people seem to think that an uncovered breast is pornography. Others may see them as beautiful symbols of ultimate femaleness.  I can't be silent on this one. Boobs are fantastic. I've known breasts all my life--from the day I was born, actually--and they are here with me until the day I die.  My children will be comfortable with breasts, my grandchildren will be comfortable with breasts, will you?  My morals tell me that a breast ought to be cared for, enjoyed, and shared.  I support public breast feeding. I support breasts in art. I support breast cancer awareness.  If you don't know anything about breasts, I suggest you take an anatomy class--then go take an art class--then take a gender studies class--then go to a strip club.  Respect them, don't reject them.
My breasts are a part of me but I don't hog them all to myself.  I like to wear a low cut shirt here and there.  For fucks sake I would walk around topless if there weren't so many goddamn laws against my boobies.  Legalize them!
Devil's advocate here: now how would you spread awareness of breast freedom when there are children around?  First I'm going to ask why you think its okay to hide [God's creation] the breast, from children in the first place.  Making something "off limits" is what starts this cycle of hostility towards the unknown. The more you know, the more you grow.  Start with the basics; children, these are breasts and they produce milk for babies. Then go to the next level; when adult men seek female mates they may choose a female with larger breasts because that shows that she has an ideal capacity for carrying and nursing babies. And beyond that? Children, sometimes breasts are important erogenous zones during lovemaking, it is your choice whether or not to give attention to them during intercourse with your partner.  Children are smarter than you know.
I certainly don't want anyone soap-boxing their dogmas onto my breasts. Get that misogynistic religious shit out of here.  The moment you realize that your religion has imposed those feelings of "uncomfortableness" and "inappropriateness" onto you and you break free from those juvenile and close-minded bonds; then you may come to me. I may forgive you then. But until then, stay away you hypocritical harlot. I know you've sucked more dicks than I have... and that's saying something, amirite?