Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prices are going up!

I was hoping that with a slow economy most prices would go down. No such luck. Certain things I like to watch very carefully over time so that I know when I'm getting a good deal or not, all I see are more adds and higher prices. Cars and houses have been apearing to lower their prices (not that anyone I know can afford anything worth while even still) but things like tubs of ice cream keep getting smaller and prices continue to rise cent by cent. They think we don't notice... and maybe most of us don't! But I like being a smart girl. I also refuse to pay $500 for an orthopedic insert for my shoes, and I love my feet! I would sooner cut my feet off than pay that much for a couple chuncks of plastic.
But anyways... who cares about the economy! I'm much more interesting. So here's the thing, I think I'm loosing my hold on my stomach. So I'm reading my book Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay, book number four in the series, and 50 pages in and I feel like I'm going to hurl my lunch. I remember the previous three books being just as gory and discusting, but geeze why am I about to lose it now? Anyways, don't let me deterr you from picking Lindsay's books up because I highly recommend them to everyone who likes crime drama/mystery or any interest in serial killers. But maybe I need to figure out how to tighten up my stomach a bit before I can finish reading the story.  Maybe I should have taken the chance to go on a few roller coasters this summer, then maybe I'd be a bit more fit for a blood and gore book.  Halloween is going to be fun this year...